The new kids at school

Victoria Volpe, Eagle Staff Reporter

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Being the new kid can be a very scary thing, you don’t know anybody, you don’t know where you are, or how to find your classes.  If you are outgoing it may be easier for you than somebody who is shy. The experience can be a great thing and it’s a fresh start for many.

Were you nervous about high school?

Micheal: Very nervous, but I told myself not to be.

Mia: Yes very. I didn’t know anybody and I was worried about making friends.

Gabi: No. I was very excited and ready for the year to come.

            Were you welcomed well?

Micheal: Yes, my brother goes to the school, so I knew one person.

Mia: I actually knew one person, and I made friends easily

Gabi: Eh, you know some people weren’t so nice but there were some good people I made friends with.

            How did you adjust to the new school?

Micheal: I just tried to get used to it.

Mia: I tried to make friends the first day, and get used to the building.

Gabi: I just tried to make friends and be social.

            What were your first thoughts when you walked through the door?

Micheal: It’s going to be a long year.

Mia: I was surprised how big the school was.

Gabi: So many stairs!

“Be yourself, and believe you can do it!” says Mia. Those are the words every new kid should live by to have a successful year.

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