Obama Academy salutes record number of students taking IB Diploma and Certificate tests


courtesy of International Baccalaureate Organization

The registration is complete, the names are in, the seats are set, and it’s time to celebrate! Celebrate what, you ask? Well, the number of students who are have chosen to take tests for the IB Diploma or Certificate, that is.

This year had such a great turnout that we just had to sit down with Mr. Ehman to get his view on things. We asked him why we [as a school] take this test so seriously. He went on to explain how it “is the highest level of high school” and that “it will be interesting to see where we stack up against the world.” Naturally, because there’s always more to Mr. Ehman, we had to ask at least one more question. How did he feel about the huge turnout of testers this year? Of course he, like any other person would have said, that “It’s amazing how they [the numbers] have grown over the years, and it will be even more amazing to see the benefit that the students will this eventually gain from this experience.” As this year goes further and further along, you learn many things that will better you in the long run. So, why not take a test that can help you truly reach that goal of yours down the road. Just wait and keep an eye out because next year could be your testing year.


The International Baccalaureate Candidates

Of 2013


  • Scott Moore – Diploma
  • Renee Eddy Harvey – Diploma
  • Taylor Dawkins – Diploma
  • Shelby Campbell – Diploma
  • Max Okabayashi – Diploma
  • Mosqon Anderson – Diploma
  • Micah Byrum – Diploma
  • Sam Lapp – Diploma
  • Demetri Lardas – Diploma
  • Anthony Tolliver – Diploma
  • Annie Widom – Diploma
  • Anna Vitti – Diploma
  • Chelsey Sirmons – Diploma
  • Jonah Raether – Diploma
  • Caley Donovan – Diploma
  • Sharin Berman – Diploma
  • Fletcher Jones – Diploma
  • Shae Wofford – Diploma
  • Erik Rauterkus – Diploma
  • Daniel Golstein – Diploma
  • Daniel  Denliinger – Diploma
  • Danielle Pelietiere – Diploma
  • Rina Matsuda – Certificates HL History, HL Mathematics
  • Hannah Green – Certificates HL Film, HL English, HL History
  • Karlissa Council – Certificate HL Visual Arts
  • Maeve Hendricks – Certificates HL English, HL Spanish, HL Film
  • Wendy Levenson – Certificates HL English, HL Visual Arts, SL Mathematics
  • Ben Junker – Certificates HL English, HL History, HL Psychology, HL Mathematics
  • Sakae Nakahara – Certificates HL Physics, HL Mathematics
  • Luke Miller – Certificates HL English, HL Film
  • Matt Lampl – Certificate HL Film
  • Aliyah Weathers – Certificates HL English, HL History
  • Maya McCray – Certificates HL Visual Arts, HL History
  • Rondell Harris – Certificates HL English, HL History, HL Film
  • Dynae Shaw – Certificates HL English, HL Visual Arts, HL German
  • Daniel Wimer – Certificates HL English, HL Film
  • Ash Lanith – Anticipated Diploma Mathematics SL
  • Ben Freidman – Anticipated Diploma Mathematics SL