The Presidential Inauguration


Sarah Parker, Obama Eagle co-executive editor

I had the amazing opportunity to witness history. I had the honor of witnessing President Obama’s inauguration for his second term. To be at the inauguration for the first African American president on Martin Luther King Junior Day was incredible. In English class we read a part of MLK speech, as I couldn’t help but think that what I’m seeing before me was a part of that dream. To be in a large crowd of around thousands of people with who shared different color, religion, sexuality, age, and background but one common goal was a precious moment few people have. I remember looking at the news afterward and saying, “look I was there! I was a part of that!” The people came together as one.

Chief Justice John Roberts swore in President Obama, following the oath he gave his inaugural address detailing his dreams and goals for the nation. The Inauguration Swearing-in Ceremony was serenated by The United States Marine Band, Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, James Taylor, Kelly Clarkson, and Beyoncé who sang the National Anthem. Following the ceremony was the parade, and of course through the night there were tons of balls and galas sponsored by a variety of organizations. But, people who didn’t party with the VIPs still partied the night away.