Group keeps Pittsburgh FLOWW-ing

Rhonna Ly, The Eagle Senior Writer

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The 3-week Nepal and Sri Lanka trip certainly made a major impact on the students from Obama. Jonah Raether, Fletcher Jones, Scott Moore, Mariah Howze and Joel Macklin traveled abroad last summer to these countries. The group of students  formed an organization called Pittsburgh FLOWW, which was funded by the State Department and Magee Womancare International.

To go on the full paid trip, a community service project was a requirement. Since it was an international 2-way exchange program, students who traveled from Maldives, Nepal, and Sri Lanka participated in a project of putting together a community action plan that the students who went to their countries had to accomplish.  Pittsburgh FLOWW’s focus was on water because it was a problem abroad and “water is something that affects the lives of any and everyone”. Their main objective they decided on was to get “Pittburghers aware of the global and local concerns about water via going to schools and teaching, then having a big event called ‘Water Day’.  This event, held at CAPA, was open to the public so they could be informed more about the water they use locally and the water used globally. Since their last event on January 26, 2013, the group has disbanded but there are more organizations out there that can be assisted by the help of others.


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