A/C on! A look at the heat wave of last week.

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Note: As of Monday morning…the air conditioning is on again.

It’s springtime and we’re finally feeling the warmth after a long, long winter. This past weekend had everyone breaking out the shorts, tank tops and flip flops.

But unfortunately, Pittsburgh has gone straight from winter to summer, at least in terms of temperatures. No spring. No delightful, warm days and cool nights.

And as students, what we have had this week are oppressively hot classrooms.

Outside of school, it’s easy for us to dress comfortably according to the weather, but in school, it’s different. Since we have a dress code that doesn’t allow those tank tops, shorts and flip flops, it’s been a ridiculous three days. With the school’s air conditioning currently out of order, many students are feeling overheated.

“They wonder why we wear ‘inappropriate clothes’ when it is hotter in the building than it is outside,” sophomore Kayla Hitchcock stated.


Sophomore Rachael Zielmanski is not happy about the situation. “I have to have a bottle of water and inhaler nearby,” she said. Late Friday, there were rumors that some relief was on the way.


“We will have almost 85% of the building air conditioner up and running by monday.”  the custodian stated. Many students are still worried about the humidity in our school. The good news is that the air conditioning was turned on but it only is in certain classrooms. “Oh my God, it’s cool,” technology teacher Ms. Cicone stated. “I’ve never realized the importance of having a window that opens since the air conditioning broke,” added Japanese teacher Mr. Casilli stated. Spanish teacher Ms. Shaffer stated “It made my day a lot more pleasant to have air conditioning today.  Yesterday, I was really wishng my window would open.”

“Some of the second floor classrooms will not receive air conditioner until a part is purchased.” the custodian advised. This is the only piece of hope we as students have but all we can really do is fight it out. ”  When asked about the situation, Dr.Walters smiled and said, “It will come when it is fixed.”

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