What’s ahead: Some changes ahead for ’13-’14


Jahlia Finney, Daijha McClain, The Eagle Online Staff Reporters

For many of us, a new grade isn’t going to be the only change when September rolls around. Of course, getting adjusted to new classes and teachers is a huge change and all students have to adapt, but there will be other changes, as well. For Dr.Walters, summer is the time to think about change, about what is working and what could use some remodeling. Off hand, Walters says that he believes that “clubs and sponsorships are things that are going to change.” He also noted that each school year brings new teachers, as well.

But Dr.Walters isn’t the only one changing things. According to Mr.Chapman, the school’s IBMYP coordinator, the IB octagon has changed, and areas of study will be broached, as well new ideas for curriculum. Chapman notes that “There will be changes to the way we do the personal project, as well.”

Along these lines, Mr.Kocur says that sophomores should be thinking about projects that they can do as soon as the school year begins, because one new idea for next year will be the incorporation of check points throughout the school year where students have to show progress on the project and in the process journal. “The days of handing in a project, paper and journal that look like they were done the night before they were due are over,” he says.

In fact, Kocur is looking at a lot of change for next year. he is re-writing 10th grade English units to coincide with the new IB octagon system and looks at The Eagle Online as a project completely dependent on student volunteers. “I would doubt that we will have a Journalism class,” he says. “So we will be relying on student reporters at every grade level to cover our news and sports.”

While change is going to be taking place for some, IBDP students will see little change, according to IBDP coordinator Mr.Ehman. Depending on how you look at it, that can be a good or a bad thing. College level work, long papers and presentations—all will continue to be the norm for the IBDP student.