Winter is coming, as well as the fashion


Kayla Bush-Johnson, The Eagle Staff Writer

It’s chilly out here and I know that fall just came along the runways in Paris, New York, Spain and many other beautiful places, but winter fashions are hitting the most popular malls in America. So ladies go grab your purses and hit the mall!

Stop! Don’t put away your knee high boots for the winter, because they are out again. Instead, put them in a beautiful box with a ribbon tied around it because animal print knee-high boots are back in style. There are varieties of colors and patterns just for you! So head on down to the closest mall and buy yourself a couple of boots like the diva you are.

Hold Up! I know that is way too cold to be wearing a knit sweater dress. Instead you will be amazed at how many ladies wear these beautiful sweaters. Colors may vary from neon and animal print colors. While you are shopping, make sure you stop past any store and grab a few of these warm dresses.

Ugh, I hate when eyes start to hurt! This is a shocker I really can’t believe that plaid is just out for the second time in a row. Plaid may seem a little nerdy, but trust me you will look amazing in it!

Let it snow! Boots are coming out in many varieties of colors and patterns. From heels to just flat boots, they come many different patterns, so stop at the shoe aisle, and check out all the cute boots! As a teenage girl, make sure that your closet is full of shoes, but don’t let your mom find out!