Potholes in Pittsburgh

Ashley Brown, Obama Eagle Staff Reporter

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         Recent news has regarded this issue as being a huge epidemic causing a big uproar. Many people are upset and confused as to why this problem isn’t fixed or dealt with, as it should be. I had recently read in an article about Niel Eriksen, who had to pay $250 on new tires because he drove over a pothole in Philadelphia, (see www.philly.com for more details). These roadway craters are a threat to the undersides of cars, having the ability to tear up the base as well as the tires. Because of this, some people are afraid to drive their vehicles. Many have gone as far as complaining on the news about how much money it’s costing to fix their cars. There are few options when this happens, you can either complain to the news or city office, or you can call 311, which will take action and do what they can fix the pothole. So, instead of spending money on your car only to have it torn by the road again, this company will be obliged to do the necessary work done.  

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