Earth Day

Lucy Pearsall-Finch

America is a country that enjoys the holidays. There are so many holidays celebrated through the year. Spring has many seasonal holidays such as Easter, April Fools, Mother’s Day,Father’s Day, Passover and Earth Day.

Earth Day is a fairly new holiday. Every April 22, America celebrates the earth and tries to improve and raise awareness about the environment. The holiday originated in 1970 by Gaylord Nelson. With the increase in the amount of pollution from leaded gas and industrial pollution there was a push for cleaning the environment. After Rachel Carson published Silent Spring and the massive California oil spill in 1969, people really started to protest pollution and the abuse of our environment. President Bill Clinton awarded Senator Nelson the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Since 1970, another big celebration occurred in 2010 with the push to improve Global Warming and clean energy. Millions of Americans go to parks and other public institutions to demonstrate a healthy clean environment. In Pittsburgh’s Frick Park, there are three days of celebrations: camp fires, nature walks, hikes, and volunteer work to clean up the watershed.