Math League

Maya Lapp, Senior Writer

Top five reasons students join Math League? Getting out of class, hanging out with friends, building up their resume, math class requirement, and (every once in a while) because they just love math. But, I have never heard a single person say they didn’t enjoy the competitions. This year the Obama team had to start recruiting because almost all of the participants are seniors, and we don’t want the legacy to fade. It was a surprising success, and we had a group of over twenty students show up to ride the bus out to Alderdice, half of which contributed a score of 3, which is way above the standard. (Rookies are often applauded for answering a single question correctly at their first competition.)

When asked how the competition went, Junior Rosa Loewenstein said, “It was really fun, but I felt way out of my depth.” I can attest. The first Math League competition I participated in was in 8th grade. I remember standing outside of the library where the competitions were held with my friend for a solid 5 minutes before mustering the courage to enter and join the terrifying high schoolers. That day I got one question right (which was infinitely better than the next 5 subsequent competitions), but it was a blast. There is something about setting your mind against a tough problem that builds an enormous sense of accomplishment. Even failing to get a single question right in competitions builds the exhilaration you feel when you finally hear them read out the answer and realize it matches what you wrote down.

So if you have any love of math, or logic or problem solving, visit room 271 and talk to Mr. Miller about joining Math League.