Obama’s Re-Vamped Black Student Union

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Obama’s Re-Vamped Black Student Union

Naomi Allen, Senior Reporter

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As a part of Black History Month, Obama’s Black Student Union has created a hash tag in efforts to promote the various events they will be holding! The hash tag, “#BHMOBAMA” or Black History Month Obama, has everyone in BSU buzzing with excitement! Originally the Black Student Union was created and ran by senior Samson Olabode, and sophomores Kaatje Sheawood, and Etana Laing. It was then revamped by senior Alleah Rose and now goes under the name “BSU 2.0”

When talking to a few members on their opinion on the revamped BSU, several students smiled before responding and called it a “success”.

“I am super excited about Obama 2.0! I really enjoy meeting new people and learning my heritage,” said BSU member, Ashley Brown of the new direction the BSU is heading in. “The organization is simply impeccable! I love how there is a different agenda and topic each week and the agreements that everyone in the club willingly follows. It definitely feels like a community.”

“Kaatje and Etana really know what they’re talking about. I definitely like this new version of BSU,” agreed senior  Victoria Dorsett.

“I think it’s pretty cool. It’s always great to learn something new and to learn it from people you normally would not talk to.” stated Aaminah Bray.

Currently the BSU is working on donations for residents in Flint, Michigan which will take place during the first and second high school lunches. If you are unable to donate bottles of water, a donation of your preferable amount of money will also be accepted.

The BSU has also formed special days of this week as a way to celebrate Black History Month. Beginning on Mondays, it will be “Black Man Monday”, which is similar to the current hash tag “Man Crush Monday”, except this is meant to uplift particular African American men who have made contributions in America that are often unheard of. On Wednesdays, it will be our “Black Woman Wednesday”, which serves the same purpose as the “Black Man Monday”. On Wednesday, February 10th, we decided to celebrate the contributions of Viola Davis. On Thursdays, will be our “Throwback Thursdays”, which will be giving out facts from the past. Particularly on Friday, February 12th, BSU will be taking place in our Red, Black, and Green day, where the members celebrate by wearing at least one of the colors.  

On February 27th Obama’s very first BSU is hosting their very own Open Mic Night called “Poetic Injustice”, which is the biggest event we have planned. Our effort for the event is to empower voices, uplift each other, and celebrate each other’s talent. “The goal we have for this event is mainly to promote our Black Student Union. Since we are among Black Student Unions that are more established than us while we are still relatively new, we want to get people talking about our union and what we are doing exactly,” stated senior, Alleah Rose. In order for us to do so, we have created a committee that will work on promoting and planning for this event. “Everyone is welcomed to come and share their talents with us! It is on February 27th at 7:00 pm at Obama.” If you have any questions or are interested in following the Black Student Union’s next move, feel free to check out our social media or ask one of the representatives Alleah Rose, Kaatje Sheawood, Etana Laing, Victoria Dorsett, or Naomi Allen . Also make sure you pay close attention to the morning announcements for various facts during Black History Month!