This Years Musical?!?!?!

This Years Musical?!?!?!

Louis Schoen III, Senior Editor

With the Obama Academy Drama department on the rise to preparation for their annual spectacular Talent Showcase, a lot of speculation is starting to form as to what the musical will be this year. The director of the drama department Kelly McKrell formally know as Ms.McKrell to students, has a way of deciding what the musical will be. She uses the annual talent showcase and annual one act plays to find the hidden talents of Obama Academy to ultimately get an idea of what she can possibly work with this year.

Obama Academy has a history with success at the Kelly Award show for high school musical excellence. Obama has been awarded best musical for two years in a row; in 2015 for Shout the Mod Musical and in 2014 with The Wiz, these are just some of the 11 in total awards over three years that Obama Academy has won. Obama is also proud of having the 3 time Best Actress Award winner Marnie Quick reside at the home of the eagles.

Looking at the body of work over the past 3 years McKrell has produced a magnificent story line musical (The Wiz), upbeat mind blowing musical (Shout the Mod Musical), and the uplifting heartfelt musical( 9 to 5). Throughout the three years she’s had consistent powerful leads such as Marnie Quick, Imani Chisom, Bryce Chisom, Naomi Allen, and Victoria Dorsett; these women have led Obama to multiple awards along side their wonderful cast, crew, and pit. This year she has one unstoppable lead left, Bryce Chisom who is destined for great things, but many worry if that’s enough to have a great show. Others say the other participating members will be the best they can be, which will result in one of the best shows Obama has put on.

Speculations has occurred as to if she’s going to let the men shine this year and form a musical around them. With Antoine’s 3 years of musical experience, Ethan Reeds new found vocal talent, and Theodore Jacksons great performing one questions if Kinky Boots is an option for this years musical. But no one will know until musical season starts, but a alumni source exclusively reveled that the musical is going to be very bright and a lot of dancing so if you’re a musical kid get ready for the ride!