2016 Republican Presidential Candidate

Elena Hochheiser, Writer

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As most everyone knows, Donald Trump is the republican candidate for president. Although he is the center of many memes, butt of many jokes, and many times, laughingstock of the nation, very few people are actually well informed on his political opinions and what he would do in our country if he was elected president. Hopefully, this article will help inform you on Trump’s major stances and key ideas this presidential campaign.

When it comes to the minimum wage, Trump believes in a $10/ hour wage nationwide, although he has had conflicting opinions on that issue in the past. But what Trump has not said about minimum wage, he has been saying about tax reform. One of the major parts of his campaign, Trump plans to reduce taxes for everyone, especially working and middle class Americans. He also plans to lessen taxes on larger corporations, and reduce the overall business tax rate. Lastly, Trump plans to help reduce the cost of child and family care by creating a tax reduction for persons that care for children under age 12 and elderly family members. Like Hillary Clinton, he aims to help higher education become more affordable, especially for poorer students. He also wants to help reduce future student debt, but has not commented on if he plans to help reduce already existing student debt costs.

Trump’s inflammatory comments about building a wall that along the southern U.S. border are only a small part of his plan for immigration reform. His main stance is that he would establish tougher screening procedures for visas and citizenship. He also would plan to select immigrants based on likelihood of success and ability to be self-sufficient in the United States, as well as create a program to tighten rules relating to hiring illegal immigrants and forcibly remove illegal immigrants that entered the country over the southern border.

Donald Trump’s immigration reform plan is closely tied to his foreign policy and military plans, though. He plans to increase military spending and size, expanding the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, Army, and Air Force to record numbers. Foreign policy wise, he plans to work with our Arab allies to defeat ISIS, and continue to ally ourselves with Israel, as well as becomemore aggressive towards “economically-hostile countries”

Overall, Donald Trump is a very conservative candidate that wants to encourages big businesses to keep their jobs in the U.S., increase the size of the U.S. Military, and build a wall between the United States and Mexico. With 31 days until the election, use this article to help you create an informed decision about how to vote.

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