Obama vs. UPrep: Middle School Girl’s Volleyball


Lillian Schwartz, Middle School Reporter

At the latest middle school girl’s volleyball game, Obama played against UPrep. Even from the beginning , it was clear Obama would win. Almost everyone on Obama  scored every time they served, setting themselves up for victory. In the first half, Obama scored 25 points, while UPrep only had 17.

In the second half, Obama started out strong, but soon UPrep began catching up soon after. Both teams began to tie. UPrep started gaining a point each time Obama gained one. The volleys started to last longer than before and it almost looked as if Obama might tie with UPrep. But then, Obama rebounded, and this time UPrep wasn’t catching up. The second half ended with Obama winning 23 points and UPrep winning 18. Overall, Obama won 48 – 35.