Teacher Feature: Ms. Patrick

Liam Bates

I had the opportunity to interview one of Obama Academy’s newer teachers, Ms. Renee Patrick! It was an interesting experience to interview her, and I sure learned a lot about her from it. I have her class a whopping THREE times a day, as well as having her class in seventh grade, so I’m quite familiar with Ms. Patrick. The following is a transcript of the interview.

Liam F. Bates: So, how many years have you been teaching at Obama?

Renee Patrick: Well, this is my second full year teaching here, but I started in February of 2015.

L: What classes do you teach at Obama Academy?

R: You should know this, but I teach English I as well as Journalism.

L: What attracts you to the Obama Academy?

R: Well, I really love the IB Philosophy, and the students! Let’s just say that they keep me on my toes.

L: Where did you teach at prior to the Obama Academy?

R: I taught at an IB World School in South Korea.

L: Wow, an IB school?

R: Yup. The students spoke English, so it was sort of like being here.

L: Is this school a good fit for you?

R: Oh, yeah! It is definitely a good fit for me.

L: What types of things do you enjoy doing?

R: Well, I love to travel.

L: What’s one thing you want the students to know?

R: I want them to know that education opens doors to a greater future!

This interview was very informative and I learned much more about Ms. Patrick. I hope that you have learned more about her too. I will remember what she said for the 105 minutes per day I have her! One great thing that I would like to add about Ms. Patrick is that she is extremely helpful in class and is flexible to provide help whenever possible. Having her for Journalism helps me with my writing skills to provide better quality articles to the Obama Eagle Online.