High School vs. Middle School

Honesty LeGrande

If you were to ask a high schooler about their general opinion of middle schoolers, there would be a fairly negative response. When asking various classmates and upperclassmen the first word that came to mind when thinking of middle schoolers, the most common answers were “bratty, ignorant, short, loud, difficult, annoying” and some variations of a word categorized as profanity. When taking the same survey with middle schoolers, they tended to also have a negative viewpoint towards high schoolers. Of course having the surveyor being a fellow middle schooler of whom I’ve known outside of school, this allowing answers given to be more truthful. After all, if some random big high schooler cornered you in the hall out of nowhere and asked you what you thought of them, would you be completely honest? Common answers opinionated were “annoying, stuck up, mean, weird, big, loud, tall, intimidating, fast, unfair advantage” and, yet again, various forms of profanity. Students in both middle and high school somehow view each other as greatly distanced from one another as if on different planets or as different species, and tend to avoid hallways that are predominately of the other “species”. If they do have anything in common, it is that they share common opinions of the other. The majority of both truly believe that the other have it way easier, school and life wise. That each are strange being due to their age, and blame each other for displays of bad behavior when it is not clear as to who is responsible. For example, in many of my classes if something were to happen outside of class to disrupt the teacher’s lesson, like someone banging lockers or running around shouting to their friends, classmates would simply mutter “middle schoolers” with disdain. While in my leadership class where I help a middle school teacher with his young pupils, we heard someone banging on the lockers outside, and immediately I heard a handful of kids say “high schoolers”. My first reaction to this accusation was to be insulted to this “blatant slander”, but then I thought “Is this really how middle schoolers think of us high schoolers? Am I being a hypocrite, when I cannot claim that I haven’t had the same biased views towards middle schoolers?” Middle schoolers believe high school has it better because we have more access to resources they do not, have more opportunities in class selection and clubs, get out of school earlier, and overall more freedom. High schoolers think middle schoolers have it better because mainly of the school work load being so much easier, and they don’t have to get up as early as we do. Both are true in their own ways. It does not help the relationship when they also anger each other in small ways. Many of those who take leadership when talking about the class they’re assigned to, mention how the kids constantly complain. High schoolers can have a cumulative work load of five math assignments, a science packet, three book chapters, language homework, and chapter summary notes for theory of knowledge and history all due in a week (not including the weeks when there are important essays due in three classes coincidently). Then to hear middle schoolers talk about how two math sheets is too hard to do in a week because they also have three homework assignments for English and science can extremely annoy some, which I admit includes me. On top of that to constantly hear middle schoolers whine about not having free time so they can play paper football when you could use the extra time to finish that 16 page paper due just makes one want to steer clear of hanging around younger students. Some high schoolers also tend to feel the need to act superior to middle schoolers, such as the saying goes “respect your elders”, but taken more as “bow down to me cause I’m older than you”. Some middle schoolers say high schoolers talk about them as if they were zoo animals to be criticized, watched, and like they are in the school for their own amusement, even when they are standing or sitting by them. Not to say there aren’t many high schoolers and middle schoolers who get along. Though it might be against the social norm, hanging with people more than a couple years older/ younger is not a bad thing. Those who have a better chance to interact with each other tend to have better relationships. Like my friend in middle school, after I got to know her, I realized that she is smart, funny, well behaved, and nothing like the predisposed stereotype I’ve had before. This leads me to believe that what you don’t know, your mind makes up based on brief general encounters or rumors. Being in age years apart makes two people see each other as worlds apart, but that does not have to be true. You can be wise and kind while still young, and be a total jester no matter how old you are. All there is to do is close the gap between students, after all it’s not like we’re dealing with teachers.

High School Answers:                             Middle School Answers:

A**holes                                                     Annoying

Jacka**es                                                    Sneaky

Evil                                                               Intimidating

Annoying                                                      Loud

Loud                                                              Mean

Juvenile                                                        Stuck-up

Short                                                              Big

Monsters                                                       D*@ks

Weirdos                                                         Weird

Small                                                              Tall

Ugly                                                                 Fast

Energetic                                                       Smart

Curious                                                           Unfair advantage

Fast                                                                 Fat

Bad                                                                  Bullies

Adorable                                                         Sexy

Sneaky                                                            Jacka**es

(These were just a few of the most common answers, some good some bad, buy hey, what are you going to do!)