Obama BSU Open Mic Night

"Don't Believe the Hype"

Louis Schoen III, Senior Writer

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On February 24, 2017, Obama Academy’s BSU put on a great Open Mic Night in efforts to appreciate Black heritage and young Pittsburgh artist. The $3 show consisted of some of Pittsburgh’s well-known teenage artist. Local hip-hop rap artist James Perry attended the show to put on a show-stopping, up-beat song featuring Jordan Howard and Mr. Howard performed his new single that promotes beauty and strength in the black women community called “Black Girl Magic”. The night was also graced with Keely Brady’s unbelievably touching and sentimental poem and Imani Smith’s heartfelt ode to her mother. MC of the night, Alayia Logan also hit the stage to get everyone on their feet and let loose. Winner of Highmark First Night’s 2016-2017 Williams SING-OFF competition, Dejah Monea stopped past to sing a song about teenage dreams and how the world tries to stop them with the act of peer pressure. Overall the night was filled with unbelievable talent and connection opportunity. BSU leaders, Kaatje Sheawood, Etana Lang, and Nia Sankofa did a great job leading their club members to a great show. These young women allowed these young artists to express themselves artistically at their “Don’t Believe the Hype” showcase.


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