The All-New Obama Eagle


Sam Bisno, Editor

If you frequent our school paper, or even if you’re new, you’ll be excited to know that changes are coming for the Obama Eagle. You may already notice things that are different, such as a weekly weather forecast on the right hand side of the home page or an overhaul of the site layout. In addition to these amendments, three new staff have been added to help make sure that the Eagle remains your number one source for student news, writing, and art. Get to know them below!


Isaac Degenholtz, Freshman

Position: Website Coordinator

“I’ve always enjoyed building websites. I was very excited to get involved. My teacher, Mr. Denlinger, offered me the position, and it seemed like a great opportunity. Hopefully my changes to the site can make it more appealing to readers.”


Elena Hochheiser, Freshman

Position: Editor

“I joined the Eagle at the beginning of the year because I had a lot of ideas about what I wanted to write and I was interested in the chance to write more and write different stuff. I jumped at the opportunity to become editor because I had a lot of ideas to help improve the school newspaper and I want it to be something the community is proud of.”


Sam Bisno, Freshman

Position: Editor

“When I was looking at the electives list before school started and I saw the option for a journalism class, I was ecstatic. Writing has always been something that I genuinely enjoy and want to pursue, so when I heard about the Eagle, I was inspired to contribute as many articles as I could. A few months later, I was editor. I’m looking forward to continuing to write regularly and hopefully bringing something positive to the table in terms of the improvement of the Eagle.”


There you have it. We’re looking forward to making the Eagle the best school newspaper in the city!