Battle of the Books

Piper Walsh, Writer

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March 7th, eight teams gathered to show off their knowledge skills, for it was the long awaited Battle of the Books. The Battle of the Books is a competition where teams of five are formed and together these teams read and study a total of ten books. After a few months of preparation a competition is held and the teams face off with others from all over the district in an intense trivia game to see who knows the most. This year there were 5 teams from Obama Academy, The New World Order, Wicked Union, The Apotheosis, 82 Points, and *awkward silence*. There was a strong showing, and 82 Points came in second, 2 points away from victory.

The books this year included: An Ember in the Ashes, Mr. Penumbra’s Library, Bone Gap, The Great American Whatever, Ms. Marvel, Lies We Tell Ourselves, Conviction, Boy Nobody, Shadowshaper, and Maze Runner. An Ember in the Ashes is a fantasy novel, as well as Shadowshaper and Ms. Marvel. The Great American Whatever, Bone Gap, Boy Nobody, Mr. Penumbra’s Library, and Conviction are fiction novels, and Lies We Tell Ourselves is historical fiction. Maze Runner is a science fiction novel. The popularity of these books varied, but most of them were a success. With weekly meetings the teams slowly prepared, studying trivia such as dates and names.

The Battle of the Books was held in the meeting rooms about the East Liberty branch of the CLP library. The teams gathered, each decked out in their team’s tee shirts, bouncing with nervous energy and nibbling on the various snacks provided. The trivia was broken up into three sets of questions, characters, settings, and plot where extra points could be obtained by adding the author’s name. Despite not winning, everyone had fun in the process and enjoyed the reading and team building. The main goal of Battle of the Books is to read and have fun with your team and friends. To quote Amber Davis, a freshman who participated in Battle of the Books, “It was the experience of a lifetime.”


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