Top ten apps you need to use


Piper Walsh and Isaac Degenholtz

Top Ten app review

        These apps are selected from Google’s top charts section and are a collection of the most downloaded apps on the Google play store in a certain amount of time.

  1. Facebook Messenger
    1. Facebook Messenger is an app designed to allow users to talk with their Facebook friends. The app has some cool features such as a popup message window, sms support and virtual chat bots that can have full conversations with you. Overall it is a good app if only used for facebook but also very useful to condense multiple messaging platforms together.
  2. Facebook
    1. Facebook is an app that lets users post photos and see what their friends are doing. It is a relatively good app that makes a hugely popular social media platform more easily accessible by creating a more compatible version for mobile devices. There were some complaints with the newest update over the reliability of user’s status updates and the loss of the in-app messaging feature, but overall it is a success.
  3. Snapchat
    1. Snapchat is an app with worldwide appeal, users can send disappearing messages to each other as well as images. It also allows for posting photos on stories that share with the whole follower group. Unfortunately the app experience the occasional slow down on cellphones and does not have sms support so it can only be used to message others who have the app.
  4. Instagram
    1. Instagram is an app where you can post images, message other users, and stream live videos. It is an extremely diverse apps, with users who are signed up for an immense variety of reasons: following celebrities, keeping up with friends, following hundreds of different fandoms, sports, and advertising businesses. If it interest one person, there is an Instagram account dedicated to it. Overall it is a great app because it is easy to use and has something for everyone.
  5. Bitmoji
    1. Although not useful on its own bitmoji is a good app to customize part’s of Snapchat. Bitmoji allows for the creation of a virtual avatar that pops up when typing messages in Snapchat. It works well although it does not have a lot of function/purpose.
  6. Netflix
    1. The mobile version of the Netflix website, this app is exactly as its name suggests: Netflix. Anyone with a Netflix account (or who can hack into someone else’s) can use this app to watch Netflix’s entire selection of movies and TV shows. One of the most appealing aspects of this app is the download feature which allows you to download movies or episodes when you have an internet connection and watch them later when you don’t.
  7. Pandora
    1. Pandora is a much loved music streaming app. It allows for users to create and customize their own music channels which can later be shared or to listen to premade or community made music channels. It also has a payed service which allows for offline listening and ad free listening.
  8. DFNDR
    1. DFNDR is an antivirus app which will protect phones from viruses. The main downside with DFNDR is that it is only available on Android and Samsung devices. It has a good user interface and is simple to use.
  9. Wish
    1. Wish is an online shopping app which connects buyers and sellers. The items are placed at good deals but buyers should be wary of being scammed because wish has notoriously bad customer support.
  10. Spotify Music
    1. Spotify is a music app that allows users to listen to any song they want by any artist they want anytime. It allows users to create playlists, and even listen offline. It is a great app that allows for a personalized music experience for each account.