New School Year Kicks Off


Last week, Obama welcomed back students from summer break. Despite the sadly fleeting nature of the past few months, most people seemed to carry a sense of optimism for the coming school year. At least until they realized they still had summer work to do.

Over the summer, the school underwent a few changes, with the third floor science rooms being remodeled and the second floor bathrooms being assigned to different grades. Mr. Demmler, teacher of 9th grade civics, departed the school. His replacement is Ms. Waechter, who has taken up residence in the same room, 239. Biology teacher Mr. Ludwick also left to teach physics at Carrick. His position has been taken over by Ms. Dirling, who can be found in his old room on the third floor. Math teacher Mr. Copich has also rejoined the teaching staff after a sabbatical last year. The biggest change, of course, was the exit of Dr. Walters, who will now be focusing on other duties in the district. He has been succeeded by Mrs. Colbert, who seems to be continuing the same policies as her predecessor.

We at the Eagle were delighted to see old friends and get back to work on making the school paper great. Anyone interested in writing for the Eagle is welcome to contact Sam Bisno ([email protected]) or join the club as soon as it is up and running again.