Apple releases a new set of phones, but how do they stack up?

Apple releases a new set of phones, but how do they stack up?


Choosing the best smartphone is a difficult task, and now the iPhones 8, 8+, and X are here to make the decision even harder. Here’s a comparison of Apple’s new products with the rest of the pack.


iPhone 8 and 8+

These two new flagship phones cost $699 and $799 respectively. They come with a spec increase (a faster processor, an upgraded camera, and more RAM), but have the same casings as the iPhone 7 and 7+, with the exception of glass backs to allow for wireless charging. As a point of comparison, the upgrade from the iPhone 7 to the iPhone 8 is more like the transition from the iPhone 6 to 6S rather than anything earth-shattering. 

iPhone X

The iPhone X (pronounced 10, like the Roman numeral) is the 10th anniversary edition of the iPhone. This phone has all the spec upgrades of the iPhone 8 series, along with a bezel-less display, no chin and forehead, higher display resolution, and an OLED panel. The benefit of the OLED panel is more vibrant coloration as well as a true black hue. This means that the color black on the screen will be closer to reality and look noticeably better. One last important feature of the new iPhone is the absence of a home button. This means that a quintessentially Apple feature has been removed, and in its place the company has added a facial ID sensor to unlock the phone. The starting price of the iPhone X is $999.

The competition

In terms of design, Apple is late to the party; the LG V30, Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus are all bezel-less. These phones all feature incredible displays at similar sizes to Apple’s new products. These three phones are all Android phones, which may be an issue for long-time Apple users, but at this point the difference between Android and Apple has narrowed to being almost only a price decision. The Samsung and LG phones are both priced at around $700-800 dollars, meaning they are at least $200 dollars cheaper than Apple’s iPhone X. 

All of these flagship phones are excellent, so the choice is in the end a matter of personal preference. Some people love iOS and despise Android, and vice versa. The new iPhone has no game changing features but is just catching up to what is offered on the Android side, whereas the best Android phones have top of the line offerings equivalent to what is offered on the iPhone X. 

(Editor’s Note: The author is an Android user.)