The Black Market – Literally


The illegal harvesting of organs and tissue from Black men, women, and children who are kidnapped and murdered is not covered widely in the mainstream media and is many times written off has more of a conspiracy theory than fact. However, there are several cases that prove that illegal organ harvesting from Black people is happening, not just in other countries, but right here in the United States.” – Kulture Kritic.

Right now in the U.S. alone, there are about 118,353 people who need an organ transplant,‍ and over 22 people die a day waiting for the organ they need.  The need for organ transplant is rising, and as the numbers of the donors have started to dwindle, people have started taking more drastic measures to get their friends and family the materials they need to survive.

“The World Health Organization reports that over 7,000 kidneys alone are harvested illegally annually.”The World Health Organization. With a closer look at the numbers surrounding the organs that are being harvested illegally, we have been able to come to the chilling conclusion. Multiple black people have been found dead, scattered around the United States with missing organs and there has been no news coverage on it.

Ryan Singleton is one of the many people who has been subjected to this indecency. The married model was going on a trip from Atlanta to Los Angeles when his car shut down in a California desert. Singleton’s body had disappeared when the friend he called for help arrived. Originally, the San Bernardino County Office said that, ‘animals may be involved’ with his missing body.  Yet, when his body was later found his family had soon discovered that his eyes, heart, lungs, and liver had all been gone from his body.

Kendrick Johnson is another one of the many sad examples of these inhumane actions. In Georgia, seventeen-year-old Kendrick Johnson’s body was uncovered inside a rolled up wrestling mat. Johnson’s family discovered his internal organs to be missing, but the South Georgia Lowndes County sheriff’s investigation ruled his death a ‘freak accident.’ Johnson’s family contacted a separate doctor to do an examination of the body, and there had been intentional trauma placed on Johnson’s carotid artery. (The carotid artery is the artery that supplies the head and neck with oxygenated blood.) The doctor’s examination also revealed that the spaces where Johnson’s internal organs had been before were stuffed with newspaper.

These are just two of the many incidents that have occurred in the United States, and this conversation should no longer be swept under the rug. Black men are being intentionally killed and their organs are being transported to places around the United States to be sold for large amounts of money.  Whether there is clear racial bias going on, or the government just scared for this to be released to the public, it needs to be. Otherwise this is just an endless cycle of injustice.