Steve Wozniak Gives Talk at Carnegie Music Hall


Steve Wozniak

Last night, tech icon and industry legend Steve Wozniak made an appearance at Carnegie Music Hall as keynote speaker for the American Middle East Institute’s (AMEI) tenth anniversary conference, which took place from October 9-10. Mr. Wozniak’s talk was preceded by a few remarks by Mayor Bill Peduto on Pittsburgh’s transformation from a depressed Rust Belt town to a hub of innovation and creativity. Simin Yazdgerdi Curtis, founder of the AMEI, also gave a short speech. Mr. Wozniak was interviewed by Andrew Moore, dean of computer science at Carnegie Mellon. Mr. Moore was himself a speaker at the business conference hosted by the AMEI on Monday, where dignitaries from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Oman also spoke.

Mr. Wozniak’s rambling interview covered topics from the Soviet Union to the future of machine learning to Steve Jobs’ moral character. Mr. Wozniak also dispensed advice to young entrepreneurs looking to get companies off the ground (“Don’t leave the engineer out”), as well as elucidating his personal policy of being non-confrontational, decent to others, and focusing on the similarities between people instead of the differences. Mr. Wozniak, one of the co-founders of Apple, has visited Pittsburgh many times before, but this was his first time speaking at the AMEI conference. Previous speakers have included Fareed Zakaria, Colin Powell, and Madeleine Albright.