A Recap of Tuesday’s Elections


Mayor Bill Peduto

Tuesday, November 7th, many excited Pittsburgh Public students took a mid-week break. But Tuesday was not just a day for teachers to learn and students to relax; Tuesday was an election day for the United States. Although it wasn’t a presidential election what happened Tuesday was still important. Here in Pittsburgh there was only one contested local seat. Democrat Anthony Coghill beat Republican Cletus Cibrone-Abate to win a seat on the city council. The rest of the Council stays in the control of the Democratic party as it has for the past 50 years. In the larger state elections. most seats remained unchanged except for Republican Sallie Mundy who narrowly beat former Steelers player Dwayne Woodruff for a Supreme Court Justice seat.

Outside of the state New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio became the first Democrat in 40 years to win reelection to the mayoral spot and across the Hudson River Phil Murphy won the New Jersey Gubernatorial Election. Murphy beat Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno for the position. Murphy is a former ambassador to Germany and a member of the Democratic Party.

Finally, the big election on Tuesday was the Virginia gubernatorial race. Since the Virginia gubernatorial election is always a year after the presidential election and the state is a swing state, the results are a good indicator of the current political climate. This year the election was won by Lt. Governor Ralph Northam. Northam is a member of the Democratic Party, although he is moderate. Interestingly, Northam won by a larger margin than Hillary Clinton. His victory indicates that many people are disappointed with the current political situation in the country. 

Although not as flashy or as publicized as the presidential election, Tuesday was a demonstration of democracy in action and shows the importance of any type of election.