Improvements to Eagle Mobile Site

Improvements to Eagle Mobile Site

Habitual followers of the Eagle will be familiar with the pains that often accompany reading from an iPhone, Android, or other comparable device. From general unwieldiness to long loading times to issues viewing articles, the portable Eagle experience has just never been quite right. Thanks to the work of our Website Director, Isaac Degenholtz, however, the mobile site has seen marked improvements in recent weeks. Here’s what you can expect to be greeted with when you log on to the most trusted source for all Obama-related news from here on out.

General optimization

While before the Eagle mobile site basically looked like the Eagle desktop site crammed into a far smaller screen, mostly because that’s exactly what it was, with the new updates this all changes. Now, the mobile site looks and feels, as the techies say, more “native”, and actually operates like a mobile site should. You’ll be able to see a sliding window of the trending top stories and will have easy access to interactive features like our category list, email subscription box, and everything else you’ve come to expect from your favorite school newspaper.

Faster loading times

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Previously, the Eagle mobile site had suffered from severe issues with long loading times, causing many readers to lose patience and click away before their story was fully rendered – and who could blame them? As a byproduct of the aforementioned optimization tweaks, loading times are now greatly reduced, meaning you won’t have to wait around for upwards of 30 seconds to view the newest Senior of the Week or vote in the latest poll!


Perhaps the most noticeable changes of the bunch are the aesthetic enhancements. A sleek, modern font has replaced the early ‘90s interweb-esque typography of incarnations past. The color scheme is now more consistent and clean, with purple and grey as far as the eye can see and the finger can scroll. And particularly astute readers will even notice that a shiny new Obama logo has replaced the drab and depressing default HTML insignia that had formerly plagued the upper left corner of the page. Overall, the aesthetic alterations further contribute to the smooth and pleasant nature of the revolutionized Eagle Online mobile site.

New homepage of the Eagle mobile site
Example of an article from the new Eagle mobile site

But don’t worry; if for some reason you were a fan of the mobile Eagle of old, there’s always the option to revert with just a simple tap.