Why We Need Net Neutrality



On December 14th the FCC will vote on the Restoring Internet Act. If it passes the internet will be changed forever.

The Restoring Internet Freedom Act essentially repeals the Net Neutrality laws passed by the same commission during the Obama Administration. Net Neutrality is extremely important to maintaining a free and open internet. This is because it establishes regulations which bar Internet service providers (ISP) from charging more to the consumer to use certain products and charging a service more to get a better connection to the end user, the consumer. For example, the ISP cannot charge a consumer extra to use Netflix and cannot charge Netflix extra to access the consumer. Without net neutrality a consumer could be charged extra to use Netflix or experience slower internet speeds. Not only does this hurt each and every consumer because they will pay more to access the content they used to get for free, but it also hurts startups like Netflix because it will now cost extra to provide your content. Without Net Neutrality innovation will be severely decreased.

Consumers need Net Neutrality is because without it access to content and information will be restricted by wealth. Not everyone will be able to afford access to websites if they have to pay extra to connect to them. This will harm general knowledge and awareness to what is happening in the world.

Some say Net Neutrality harms the consumer and the ISP. That Net Neutrality blocks the ISP from investing in infrastructure and innovating. This is just not true, in fact with or without Net Neutrality Verizon, a very popular ISP, still makes a lot of money. In 2016 Verizon made $125,980,000 which is more than what they did before Net Neutrality came into place their 2013 earning were $120,550,000.