The Ugly Side of Doug Jones’s Victory

Roy Moore campaign image

Roy Moore campaign image

On December 12, Doug Jones became the first Democrat from Alabama to win a U.S. Senate seat in 25 years via a shocking last-minute victory over the heavily favored Roy Moore. The position had previously been held by Republican Luther Strange, who took over over after Jeff Sessions was chosen as Attorney General. After Moore defeated Strange in a special primary, however, it appeared as if he would go on to comfortably win the general.

Moore was propelled into the national public eye after multiple women came forward accusing him of sexual assault when they were underage. Nonetheless, President Donald Trump officially endorsed him, and the consensus among political analysts remained that Alabama voters would stick to party lines.

While it is certainly a relief that Moore was not elected, the election raises some red flags. Such actions should immediately disqualify a potential candidate, and yet More was projected to win despite these accusations. In the Trump era, it seems that nothing, be it bragging about groping a woman’s genitals or pursuing a 14 year-old girl, is enough to rule one out of contention. The normalization of these kinds of sexual offenses is a trend that needs to be addressed. Under no circumstances should someone of this nature only narrowly miss out on public office.

With Jones’s triumph, Republicans now hold a slim 51-49 advantage in the Senate.