An Update on the DACA Situation #2


Aaron P. Bernstein/Reuters

Demonstrators rallying in Washington on Sept. 5 in support of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, after the Trump administration announced its plan to end it

In late September the Obama Eagle covered the then recently defunct Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) bill. But four months later very little progress has been made.

When writing the first piece we stressed the importance of this legislation, as it protects almost 700,000 thousand kids who could be sent back to a place they may have never known.  Furthermore, many of the people who are part of the DACA program are hardworking individuals who have made the United States their home.

When the Justice Department repealed this legislation they made a point to say it was Congress’s responsibility and that only they have the power to fix this. Even Donald Trump, who has made immigration a focal point of his campaign, said he would sign a DACA bill if it came through the Congress.

So where is this legislation? As something that seems to be almost bipartisan it is surprising that legislation such as this has not been voted on in the past four months. Currently there is no DACA legislation on any Congressional calendars, but many are speculating that it will be tied onto a new immigration bill with measures for the infamous wall as well as an overhaul of the immigration system.

Hopefully, this DACA reform will be able to be signed into law before March 6tth, 2018 when the dreamers officially start having their papers expire.

For more information on the DACA situation stay tuned to the Obama Eagle and a third part to this series.