Stephanie Walsh Kicks Off Campaign

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This past Saturday, political consultant Stephanie Walsh officially entered the Democratic Primary Race for State Senate District 38, which covers Highland Park and most of northern Allegheny County. Ms. Walsh’s kickoff event took place at Sieb’s Pub near Ross Township and was attended by around 200 people. Ms. Walsh’s speech was preceded by five speeches from some of her allies. Alex Neal, Director of Friends of Stephanie Walsh, was the first speaker, followed by Kimberly Zachary, President of the McCandless Town Council, who stressed Ms. Walsh’s approachability and friendliness. Thaddeus Popovich of Allegheny County Clean Air Now spoke to Ms. Walsh’s environmental credentials and dedication to clean energy. Democratic Activist Nancy Reynolds of Hampton Township talked about Ms. Walsh’s inspiration to run coming from the “Nasty Women and One Bad Hombre” book club they had started after the 2016 presidential election, before screening a short campaign video for Ms. Walsh. The podium then went to Randy Walsh, Ms. Walsh’s husband, who choked up as he reminisced about how he had met her and how she was “equal parts Rosie the Riveter, Wonder Woman, Captain America, and George Bailey.”

Ms. Walsh’s own speech mentioned how she was inspired to run by the 2016 election and the Women’s March. She said that the “past year shows that when people get engaged, we can make things better.” Ms. Walsh focused on her goals of bringing back good infrastructure and schools, supporting workers rights, women’s rights, and standing up to special interests, as well as making sure that democratic and community values are reflected in members of the legislature. She closed with an appeal for support, commitment, and a request to “See me through the primary and to victory in November,” which was met with applause.

The Eagle recently interviewed the three Democratic candidates running for Senate District 38. These Articles will be coming out shortly.