PFT Begins Voting Process for Potential Teachers’ Strike


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Pittsburgh Public Schools (PPS) announced Friday in a statement on their website that the Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers (PFT) will be conducting a ballot amongst its constituent teachers regarding authorization for a potential strike. If authorization is granted, the PFT will then have the right to strike at any given point in the future, the only prerequisite being that they alert the school board at least 48 hours prior.

In the statement, PPS voiced its understanding that “the possibility of a strike represents a significant disruption for our students and their families”, claiming that the two parties “continue to work diligently…toward a resolution.

Superintendent Hamlet seconded this sentiment, declaiming his “regard for our outstanding teachers” but also stressing his “responsibility to the children of this district to put their needs above those of adults”.

The previous teachers’ contract extension expired in June, and negotiations have been ongoing since then. The Eagle has been covering the conflict since November, when it published a thorough account of the situation, including interviews with multiple teachers as well as the president of the PFT, Nina Esposito-Visgitis. That story can be found here.