PPS Receives “Unspecified Threat”

PPS Receives Unspecified Threat

At approximately 5:15 PM on Sunday evening, WTAE was sent a link to an online video in which an anonymous male made “violent verbal threats to a Pittsburgh school”. Since then, the threat has been narrowed down to a “female principal at one of three high schools”, which does not necessarily disqualify Obama. PPS is working with police to determine the identity of the potential attacker, and officers are stationed at many schools, as an added measure of safety. Additionally, schools are operating under a “modified lockdown” by which students may not leave the building at any time throughout the day and only visitors that had already scheduled appointments are allowed entrance.

PPS released a statement in which they stated that “we take all threats seriously” and encouraged students to stay calm and go about their business as usual. Nonetheless, some students have elected not to attend today.

If you have any information concerning the threat, contact police detectives at 412-323-7800.

Edit: As of this afternoon, the suspect has been identified and the threat waved.