Michelle Boyle Abandons Senate District 38 Race

Michelle Boyle

Michelle Boyle

Sam Bisno, Editor-in-Chief

Michelle Boyle has officially dropped out of the race to be the Democratic nominee for State Senate District 38.

The announcement came on three days ago, as Ms. Boyle, a nurse and one of the three competitors vying for the chance to challenge incumbent Republican Randy Vulakovich in May, opted instead to back rival Lindsey Williams, an attorney for the Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers (an organization that is no doubt familiar to readers of the Eagle given the recent contract dispute).

Ms. Boyle, who had managed to garner the endorsement of SEIU Healthcare PA before stepping down, commended Ms. Williams on her efforts to ensure the “best possible quality public education” and “do right by Pennsylvania’s working families.” In turn, Ms. Williams voiced her appreciation at having the support of a “fellow union woman.”

With this turn events, there now remains just one other candidate for the Democratic ticket in addition to Ms. Williams: Stephanie Walsh, whose resume includes the roles of “teacher, environmental activist, and public policy professional.”

The Eagle conducted interviews with all three women, but in light of Tuesday’s developments, will publish only those of Ms. Williams and Ms. Walsh as the primary draws nearer. Obama students, especially those who will be eligible to vote, should keep their eyes peeled if they wish to learn about what exactly each of the two stands for.