Erika Strassburger Secures Victory in District 8 Election


Newly elected councilwoman Erika Strassburger.

Daevan Mangalmurti, Editor

Erika Strassburger has secured a term as District 8’s first female council member, according to the latest polls. Ms. Strassburger took 64% of the vote, far surpassing her closest rival, Sonja Finn, who took 27.7%. The other two candidates in the race, Rennick Remley and Marty Healey, took 7.11% and 1.16% of the vote, respectively. There was also one write-in vote. Only 4,572 of the district’s 31,982 registered voters came out to the polls.

Ms. Strassburger was running as an independent after failing to get the Democratic nomination, but she was endorsed by most of the city’s unions and members of its political establishment, including Mayor Bill Peduto. Ms. Strassburger will be in familiar territory as councilwoman, having served as former District 8 councilman Dan Gilman’s chief of staff for four years.

Ms. Strassburger has not yet released a statement regarding her win. She will likely release one during her victory celebration tonight at Soba in Shadyside, where most of the yard signs on display bore her name.

An Erika Strassburger yard sign