Obama Academy Takes on the Euro Challenge!

The Euro Challenge  banner.

The Euro Challenge banner.

Isaac Degenholtz, Website Director

Last Friday 5 Obama students competed in the Euro Challenge at Pitt. The euro challenge which is run out of the European Union mission in D.C is a challenge designed to help solve some of the Euro Area’s most pressing issues. Topics range from immigration to an aging workforce. Students in 9th and 10th grade all across the country compete to present their ideas to highly qualified experts on each of their topics.

This year 5 teams met at Pitt for a preliminary round of the challenge. Allderdice, North Allegheny, North Hills, Oakland Catholic, and of course Obama Academy. The students that we’re competing from Obama were Piper Walsh, Anja Vogt, Sam Bisno, Isaac Degenholtz and finally Daevan Mangalmurti. There project was about how to help Italy and it’s lackluster economy and large amount of refugees. Although Obama did not walk away victorious this year the judges did applaud them with their creative solutions to solving many problems that face Italy. Hopefully next year another set of Obama students will try again next year and hopefully defeat NA.

If you have any interest in the Euro Challenge please contact Daevan Mangalmurti-  [email protected]