An Auspicious Start to the Frisbee Season

An Auspicious Start to the Frisbee Season

Isaac Degenholtz, Website Director

This week marked the first set of games for the Obama Frisbee team! Playing a total of five games the players returned every night bruised and muddy. The week entailed three wins and two losses, but hopefully, those are the only two losses this season.

Going into this week the team had very little preparation, only holding one practice may have been a mistake. The first game began last Saturday with a total attendance of 7 people, this did not stop the Eagles and they brought home their first win 11-2 against Bethel Park.

Starting the break off on a bad note the ill-prepared team took a disheartening loss of 15-6 against Seneca Valley. This did not deter the players as they went up against Central Catholic that Wednesday. The game was a nail-biter but eventually led to a victory for Central in overtime. The score was 11-9.

Going into Thursday the team was exhausted from the games they had already played but were not ready to quit as they took a 10-0 victory over Bethel Park. This game was a great win for the Eagles and even brought a few fellow students who came to watch the game.

Finally, the Eagles took one last win to finish off the week. The team had a 14-8 victory against Peters Township this Saturday and ending the week with a positive win-loss ratio.

Although this week was an exhaustive amount of Frisbee the players had a lot of fun and are excited to go into the next week where they play Peter’s Township as well as Chartiers Valley at Heth’s Field.