A Call For Middle School Writers!

A Call For Middle School Writers!

Isaac Degenholtz, Website Director

The Eagle is excited to announce that it is looking for new writers! In particular, we are looking for Middle school students who are eager to write and want to be published in the school paper. Last Wednesday many middle school students got the chance to attend an informal meeting to learn about writing for the paper. If you did not have the chance to attend that one these meetings will be happening every Wednesday during High school qrt or around 2 pm.

For those who were unable to attend the meeting have no fear, there is still time to submit pieces to the Eagle! Writers should send drafts to [email protected] by Tuesday the 14th. Those who do will be invited to attend another meeting this Wednesday where their pieces can be fine-tuned and then hopefully published.

This is an opportunity to have your voice heard or if you are a photographer your photos are seen. Confused about what to write about? Here are some suggestions: Write about something local! We want to hear stories about Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania. Are you on a sports team? Tell us about your experience on the team! Want to start a club? Write about your new club! The opportunities are endless and we want to hear every idea you have.

As Amila Niksic, the Eagle’s middle school liaison said: “The whole goal of this program is to spark an interest in journalism at a young age and show how it gives a voice to everyone no matter who they are.” We really do want to see everyone’s articles so get writing. Again the email is [email protected]