Obama Tenth Graders Make a Preschool Visit


Aubree Peterson-Spanard, Amanda Rose Jones, and Anijah Perry

The Peabody Headstart Program, is a program that has been instated in the Obama Academy building for many years. The program is a daycare that takes kids in during the day, and works on their skills and learning abilities. In addition to the care it provides to children, it allows the middle schooler’s of Obama to go visit them, and gain volunteer and service hours in the process.  Mr. Chapman says that the middle schoolers started volunteering with the preschoolers at the beginning of the school year. Although the purpose is mostly to gain service hours, the students all agree that they have fun with the kids and they enjoy their time down there.

Ms. Margittai: Mrs. Mary Shull and myself, are parents of Obama students upstairs and we come down. We bring these guys with us to do their service hours and we hang out with preschoolers, for about an hour or an hour and fifteen minutes. Helping in the classroom and get to model good behavior for the little ones. And also get to have our hair done, which is one of my highlights.

Seventh Grader: So, basically we just come and help I guess. Yeah, we just

Amanda Jones: So, you guys need service hours? What project is it for?

Ms. Margittai: It’s their regular service hours that they need to get every
year. You have to get what, ten service hours a year?

Seventh Graders: Yeah, about that much.

Ms. Margittai: So yeah, this counts as their service hours.

AJ: How often do you come down?

Seventh Grader: Every Thursday.

Ms. Margittai: For about a month. About five weeks now. Then we switch to
a different group. So, that all the middle schoolers who are interested
have a chance to come down here. Right ladies? Yeah.

Just like the middle schoolers, the preschoolers enjoy their time together too. When Aubree went to spend some time with the kids during their “Groups” time- where they split up to play in different groups like dress-up, playing with cars/blocks, art, or playing on iPads -they were very eager for her to join in with them. As she talked to them, she learned that they would prefer to stay home with their parents rather than go to school. Or, in some cases, simply eat and sleep for the whole day. However, when playtime comes around, it seems that the 4-year- olds couldn’t be happier!

Amanda and Anijah joined in with another group of preschoolers down the hall. During that time the students were having a dance party for one of the students, Journee’s birthday. Everyone participated and the kids were ecstatic to dance with the middle schoolers. When Anijah asked one of their favorite parts of the day -their response was when the middle schoolers came down and played with them.