Obama Youth and Government: A Fundraiser for the Ages


Obama YAG 2017-18 Delegation

Sam Bisno, Editor-in-Chief

This year’s round of education is all but over, and the sweet, sweet reprieve of summer lies tantalizingly on the horizon. So, what better way to kick off your season of freedom than to spend a night at a school-related event?

Hear me out.

On June 12, beginning at 6:00 PM, Obama Youth and Government will be hosting an event to raise funds in preparation for the coming year. The club is one of Obama’s largest, and, due to its statewide nature – three bus trips outside of the city, including one four-day venture to Harrisburg, which demands registration, accomodation, and dining concerns in addition to transit – its associated costs are, to put it lightly, extensive. And despite multifarious alternative money-making efforts, many members nonetheless find themselves struggling to afford the program.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Why should I care? I’m not even in YAG.” Here’s the kicker. This isn’t your dreary, run-of-the-mill, suit-and-tie affair. Nay, on the contrary, this is much cooler. For starters, it’s at Mr. Ehman’s house (3218 Perrysville Ave.), and there will be free food abound. Moreover, families and alumni will be turning out in droves. And finally – this part is really quite exciting – numerous local political figures will be in attendance. So far, the elected officials and candidates that have RSVP’d are:


  • Dan Gilman, Chief of Staff to Mayor Bill Peduto
  • John Fetterman, Democratic Nominee for State Lt. Governor
  • Lindsey Williams, Democratic Nominee for State Senate District 38
  • Sara Innamorato, Democratic Nominee for State District 21
  • Summer Lee, Democratic Nominee for State District 34
  • Jamie Glasser, Chief of Staff to State Senator Jay Costa
  • Staffer for State Representative Jake Wheatley
  • Timothy K. Lewis, Former United States Circuit Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit

Oh, and there’s no entrance fee. All that we ask is that you consider contributing to the cause via an offering to one of the many donation boxes that will be on hand.

So please, help us ensure that finances are not a deterrent for any of our generation’s civically inclined, and have some fun while you’re at it.

June 12. 6:00. 3218 Perrysville Ave. See you then.