The Problem With School Bus Stops


Zoeie McKnight, Writer

They say kids are the future- but how do kids become the future when they’re hit by a vehicle while waiting for a bus to take them somewhere to learn how to be the future? In the past 3 days there have been at least 5 crashes involving students waiting for their bus. A lot of the crashes took place when children had to cross the street to get on their bus. If students have to cross a busy street or even a street at all to get onto their bus, why don’t the city or school district make a bus stop where the bus can pick up the kids safely instead of having them cross a busy street to get on their bus? The worst part about it is that half the drivers that hit the kids aren’t charged with anything. They get away with no punishment even though they hit an innocent child by speeding or not paying attention. It’s also that district’s fault for placing that bus stop where an accident is likely to occur. Of children who are killed by a vehicle, 64% are killed while waiting for their bus at their bus stop.

Just recently a 7 year old boy was killed in a hit and run while waiting for his bus in Franklin Township. The bus wasn’t even there then. Just standing there on the side of the road, waiting, he was hit and lost his life. What is going to be done about this issue? Has it not happened enough for change to be necessary?