Pittsburgh Post-Gazette News Editor Lillian Thomas Visits Obama!

Pittsburgh Post- Gazette News Editor Lillian Thomas

Pittsburgh Post- Gazette News Editor Lillian Thomas

Isaac Degenholtz, Website Director

On Tuesday, December 11th, Obama Academy was happy to welcome Lillian Thomas to the growing list of speakers in the Obama Academy speaker series program. Ms. Thomas, a writer and now editor at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, came to talk to a group of mainly journalism students about her career and what it’s like being a journalist.

She started by talking about her life. Originally from Oklahoma, she moved to Pittsburgh before high school and attended Peabody High School, which is now, of course, Obama Academy. After high school she attended Swarthmore University and majored in journalism. From there, she worked in Chicago and other cities across the country doing freelance or full-time writing. From there, Ms. Thomas moved back to Pittsburgh where she began writing for the Post-Gazette.

Currently she is the paper’s news editor and handles all of the news that gets published in paper or on their website.

After giving this brief introduction Ms. Thomas moved to a Q&A session. Students were very curious about her daily schedule, which she says consists of waking up early to go to the office and continually planning out what’s going to be published while also editing articles. This process usually takes her late into the day, when she and the rest of the staff have to decide what gets front page, what goes into the website, and what may not be as time-sensitive. Additionally, students were curious about whether she liked writing or editing more. She said that she missed certain parts about the writing job and really loved getting out into the field and doing reporting like she used to do. She said she likes the job of editing and putting together the final product but sometimes she does miss being the one writing the story and taking the pictures. She also added that when she gets a chance she likes to go do some of that on-scene reporting but often she has to delegate that to the writers while she stays back in the office.

The Eagle wants to extend a special thank you to Ms. Thomas for taking time out of her busy schedule to give insights about journalism to the Obama Academy journalism students.