International Baccalaureate Organization Eliminates Registration Fee!

International Baccalaureate Organization Eliminates Registration Fee!

Isaac Degenholtz, Website Director

Attention all students interested in taking any IB exams! Starting this year, students will have to pay a little bit less to take the IB exams!

The International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) recently announced that it would be removing the registration fee for all students who sign up for an IB exam. This fee was about $100. Students will still have to pay the $119 per-test fee, but hopefully, this new discount of $100 will allow more students to take at least one exam. 

IB exams are great indicators for colleges that students regularly challenge themselves.f students do well enough on the exam, their scores can be exchanged for college credits. 

The registration deadline for exams is mid-November and Obama offers many choices for students. Now is a great time to think about what exams you may want to take your senior year!

Exams offered by Pittsburgh Obama:

  • English HL
  • History HL
  • Math SL or HL
  • Chemistry SL
  • Physics SL
  • Biology SL
  • Language AB, SL, or HL
  • Film HL or SL
  • Art SL or HL
  • Music Theory SL or HL


Although it can still be expensive to take these IB exams it is great to see that the IBO is working to make the tests slightly more affordable. 

Hopefully, this decision will open the gates for Obama students to push themselves and SOAR high!


Stay tuned for a more in-depth analysis of why the IB exams may be for you!