Homicide Suspect Spotted in East Liberty, Obama Locks Down


An aerial shot of the site of the crash | Photo credit: WPXI

Daevan Mangalmurti, Editor

At about 1 o’clock this afternoon, Obama was placed on lockdown for 30 minutes due to reports of a homicide suspect being spotted in East Liberty. The individual, Herbert Walker, crashed a pickup truck at the intersection of Hays St. and N. Euclid Ave., a block behind the school, before fleeing the scene on foot. Some witnesses reported seeing him running near the school soon after the crash. Two police vehicles from Pittsburgh Police Department Zone 5 were damaged as they pursued Walker’s vehicle, but no police officers were hurt.

Walker is wanted by the police on drug charges as well as under suspicion of homicide. At the time that the lockdown was lifted, it was not clear whether police had successfully caught him, or if he was still on the lam. The Eagle has learned that shortly before 9 o’clock this night, two police vehicles from Zone 5 entered East Liberty, possibly in pursuit of Walker.

Stay with The Eagle as we continue to report on this developing story.

Update: WPXI reports that the police are looking for Walker in connection with the homicide of a 22-year old Wilkinsburg resident last fall. He has yet to be apprehended.