Far-Flung Visitors Study Makerspace

Daevan Mangalmurti, Editor

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In the 1989 classic Field of Dreams, the protagonist constantly hears a voice whispering to him, “If you build it, he will come.” In the case of Obama’s makerspace, this has certainly come true.

Today, educators from around the nation stopped at Obama on a whirlwind tour of institutions across Pittsburgh to learn more about the process of creating the makerspace, and how it has affected the student body. PTSA leaders Ashish Badjatia and Jana Vogt, and Mr. Williams, answered a variety of questions about funding the makerspace and their goal of bridging the digital divide between wealthy and low-income communities. Ten students were also present to answer questions from the visitors, who came from as far afield as Fort Collins, Colorado, and Dallas, Texas. The visiting educators seemed impressed by what they saw, and engaged the students about the impact of the makerspace and its utilization by the student body. One of the topics that the guests were especially interested in was the integration of the makerspace into the school’s curriculum, which led students to discuss interest in the facility from art and science teachers, and how that will hopefully lead to widespread use of the space and its services by both teachers and students in other classes. 

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