Dealing with Teen Stress is Hard. Keep Fighting.

Dealing with Teen Stress is Hard. Keep Fighting.

Dabriaira Edwards, Writer

The anxiety of everyday teens is silent. You wouldn’t notice it on the outside. But teens are so stressed they can’t even manage simple tasks or maintain a social life. And it’s not good to be stressed at such a young age like ours. People call us lazy when in reality we’re just overwhelmed by too much. At our ages we should be care and stress-free, without a worry in the world except for being kids. According to The Hill, “The most common reported sources of stress were school (83 percent), getting into a good college or deciding what to do after high school (69 percent)…The APA’s Stress in America survey found that 30 percent of teens reported feeling sad or depressed because of stress.” The expectations of teenagers in this day and age force us to become adults- even when we shouldn’t have to be

According to Psychology Today, “today, kids are expected to know what they want to do -where they want to go to school and in which field they’d like to work- earlier than ever before. They are also expected to do well, and are put on ‘success’ tracks even in elementary school. They have to do well, because it is assumed that all kids will/must go to college, and not just that, but they must get into the best college if they want to “succeed” and be competitive in today’s  job market. This is a lot of pressure on teens.”

Between homework, activities, and hanging with friends, it can be hard to maintain good sleeping patterns. The average sleep you must have in order to be well-rested is eight hours. How realistic can that really be in the life of a teenager? And most teens work to earn money, which benefits us a lot, but can also take time away from our academics, spending time with family and friends, and enjoying life. One of my closest friends failed most of their high school classes and ended up having to do credit recovery. They felt overwhelmed with having to catch up with old new work. So how can a teenager make money, do well on their school work, and hang with friends, all while trying to sleep enough and enjoy life?

We can find ways to better our stress, even though this is easier said than done. You can manage to get on top of your work faster, get good sleep because it’s good for the mind, and find a way to still have a social life in some way. It’s best to stay on top of your work because you can go from being at your best to your worst in a single class.

As teenagers we all have moments when we feel like giving up and letting things get worse, but giving up will never make problems go away. You gotta keep pushing and fighting to better yourself and the situation you’re in. We gotta remind ourselves that we have goals in life and those aren’t to be a failure.

Have a purpose or all will fail. Having goals and purpose keeps me going, knowing that what I want I have to work for, even if it means stressing to make it happen. Anything you want out of life you must work hard to get. Because if you didn’t have to work for it, how valuable can it be to you?