Coach Muto Sees Wrestler Improvement

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Coach Muto Sees Wrestler Improvement

Don Crawford

Don Crawford

Don Crawford

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The wrestling team has concluded a successful regular season and is now looking ahead to both the team and individual championships. We asked Head Coach Muto about the season.

Q: How do you think the team did this season?

Muto: I think we did well overall.

Q: As you plan for the season’s end, how are things looking in terms of the championships?

Muto: We are looking to end well, but it will be a tough task with not a lot of lightweights.

Q: What were some of your weaknesses this year?

Muto: This year we had a lot of rookies and needed more experience.

Q: Who were your brightest stars this season?

Muto: Our brightest stars this season would have to be Thomas Studeny at 125 pounds,Mike Worthem at 130 pounds and Lamar Thomas at 140 pounds

Q: Where do you plan to end in the rankings this year?

Muto: We’re tied for fourth, but shooting for third if not higher.

Q: What are you looking forward to next year?

Muto: Coming back with a stronger, larger team.

Q: What do you feel are the elements you need to win the championships next year?Muto: We need little guys, and by little guys I mean the 112 and 119 pounders to come out and wrestle.

It’s been an exciting year for the Spartan wrestlers. Here’s hoping for a strong finish.

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