Football team gathering momentum for playoffs, beats Allderdice 12-0


Obama’s football team played Allderdice last Friday and went into the game with a record 5-1 ..with the last 3 city games being shutouts.

I talked to Head Coach Lou Berry before the game and asked him a few questions such as: What is the key factor to win this game?  Who are the main players the Eagles should keep their eye on? How do you feel about this game?

“The key factor to winning this game is to defensively stop their run, offensively look at mistakes cut down on penalties.”

The three people they should look at during this game is #40 PatrickFerguson, #8 Jay Barlow, #4 Will Graham. He pointed to them as “The people” the team needed to take out.

I asked what his feelings were about going into the game and he was very focused, saying, “First, importantly this game positions us for playoffs. Also we want to keep a winning streak going because no one likes losing right?”

In the first half neither team scored a touchdown but the Eagles did a good job keeping them away. They fulfilled their coach’s wishes when CoachBerrysaid to them “make them quit” in the locker room before the game.

For the second half of the game the team came out stronger. Jaylen Coleman  scored the two touchdowns leading the Eagles final score of  12-0 against Allderdice. They’re 6-1 record now and will play Westinghouse on Friday, October 21 at 3:30.