1st person: Swimming for the team is rough, but worthwhile

1st person: Swimming for the team is rough, but worthwhile

Tommy Brewton, The Eagle Staff Reporter

Editor’s Note: Tom Brewton is a member of the swim team. Most people know that the dedication it takes to swim for the team means 6 a.m. practices. As Tom notes here, there are other highlights to practicing, as well.

When arriving at Obama Academy at 6:00a.m in the morning for swim practice, I would extremely appreciate it if the boys locker room didn’t reek with body-odor, the entire floor being covered with smelly water as well as the room being a sauna. This really wants me to stay on the swim team. Also, why is that all the other sport teams have received new sport equipment, while the swim team still has ancient Schenley equipment including old rope lines, flags, and even ancient used swimsuits. As a swimmer on the Obama swim team, this feels a bit unfair.

Although the Obama swim team is facing a few complications this year, the pro’s still outweigh the cons. First, being on the swim team is a great bonding experience. From going to morning swim practices this year and last year as well, let’s just say that I have gotten to know the other swimmers quite well. Besides it being a bonding experience, being on the swim team gets everyone in shape. From swimming two times on every week-day, my endurance level increases dramatically while in swim season.  But the only way that getting in shape is possible for any of the swimmers on the team is from the great coaching of Coach Rauterkus. Evidence to prove the Mr. Rauterkus is a phenomenal coach is from the fact that his son was the only swimmer on the team who has gone to state’s these past two years.

I know that the swim teams locker conditions and the lack of new equipment is an issue that the swim team is facing this year, but these problems cannot compare to the overall enjoyment that the swimmers have from being a part on the team. Being an Obama swimmer is a great experience and I would recommend anyone who is interested in joining the team to go for it.