February student focus: Taylor Smith


Yassmine Kelly, The Eagle Staff Reporter

At Obama High School there is one girl in particular who is getting a lot of attention. Taylor Smith is a senior who started playing on the basketball team since she was a freshman and is now not only the captain but the star of this team. I had a chance to talk to Taylor about the season so far and her plans for the future.

*So how is your season going so far?

Taylor: It’s going great, we’re third in the city and I have the best teammates anyone could have.

*What are your stats and your position?

Taylor: I’m averaging 16 points a game and I play small forward.

*Do you plan to play basketball in college?

Taylor: Yes, of course I do.

*Do you know where you are going for college?

Taylor: Well, I hope to play for Pitt but if that doesn’t happen then not sure

*If you don’t go pro what are your career plans?

Taylor: I want to do sports management or open up a gym.

*Everyone says that you practically carry the team… but do you feel that as an effect,  there is a lot of pressure on you?

Taylor: No, I hate when people say that.  Basketball is a team sport, I might be better than some other people but I don’t carry the whole team.

There you have it, senior Taylor Smith hopes to accomplish great things in life and it wouldn’t be a surprise if she one day plays professional basketball. She is a team player and is enjoying a great season with teammates who have consistently turned in great performances.