Baseball team looks to compete with city elite in 2012

Shae Wofford, The Eagle Staff Writer

“It’s early, and if we end up playing the whole season on a gym floor we’re going be tough to beat,” Coach Kocur said during our interview. It’s finally time for America’s favorite pastime. Baseball!!!! With the team set and in progress I went to talk to Coach Kocur about the team and his view on their progress.  With a team made of mostly new students they have to work on coming together as a unit. There are three things that they need to work on: pitching, hitting and defense. The do have strong people in all three areas including Daniel Wimer, Mike Noftz, Cassell West, and Joel Akrie at pitcher, Evan Cheng at shortstop,  Chelsey Sirmons and Ean Quick at catcher and first base, and Horace Pope Luke Miller, Zach Goodall and Duane Gudenburr, with Shaun Langer, Akrie, Wimer and Dan Denlinger in the otufield.

I asked Coach Kocur what his goal for the team was this year and he said, “My goal is to compete for a championship. I don’t go for penciling in a championship just because you win it every year. We took a few lumps in our scrimmage against Allderdice, but we learned from it and are better for it. We aspire to that level, and it’s going to take a lot of hard work.”

I also talked to Ean Quick and Daniel Wimer, two key players to the team. They both agree that the team has some things to work on including decision making, become a stronger team and pushing each other every day to be better, but other than that they are on their way. Daniel has four goals for himself: to make all city team, to bat over 500, to make the team better and become a leader. He also wants to beat Brashear and  Allderdice. Ean’s goal for himself is to improve on his hitting. The  goals of both players is for the team to win a championship; to compete against some of the better teams, and to play at PNC Park.

Make sure you mark your schedule to go see these players and others in action and working hard to make it to the championship.

“We’re under the radar right now, ” Kocur said, “and that’s a good thing. People don’t really expect much from us. But we know that we  have a lot of talent here, and we want to open some eyes this year.”